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Business Mergers & Acquisitions

Did you know that New Zealand prides itself on maintaining a competitive business market? It does this through the use of specific legislation that limits the effect that some mergers or acquisitions of businesses may have on market competition. By…

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Professional Indemnity – Are You Covered?

Ensuring that the clients of a business are satisfied with what they have been provided is a crucial item for any business. However, dissatisfaction can result just as easily, and the costs of addressing the potential   Essentially, professional indemnity…

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Sexual Harassment, Liability and The Workplace

In 2021, businesses have seen greater visibility surrounding the issue of sexual harassment within the workplace, particularly within the media and the public sphere. The impact of sexual harassment within the workplace is one that can have long-lasting ramifications on…

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Protect your business’ intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset to any business. It can be anything from a manufacturing process to a trade secret – it is essentially intangible proprietary property. Protecting IP has become increasingly important and the following steps are…

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Partnership Agreements: What you need to know

A partnership agreement formalises the business relationship between two partners. It can cover everything from low-level processes, up to how dispute resolution will take place in the business.   Business partners are personally liable for the business in a partnership, therefore,…

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Breach of employment contracts

Employment contracts contain terms and conditions which both the employee and employer agree upon. Ideally, this contract should be written rather than confirmed verbally to avoid miscommunications or misunderstandings. Contracts may also contain implied terms i.e. not misusing confidential information. …

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