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Gender Inequality in Superannuation

Gender gaps can affect superannuation funds as much as they can affect salary rates. With barriers to entering into fields, lower hourly rates of pay, less hours worked and more unpaid labour affecting the amount of super New Zealand women…

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What Tax do I pay on my KiwiSaver?

KiwiSaver contributions come from before-tax pay, at a set rate. The KiwiSaver scheme invests these contributions made by individuals so that those contributions can earn money straight away. This means that the profits that those contributions make may need to…

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Choosing a fund for your Kiwisaver

Individuals should regularly check whether their Kiwisaver fund is right for them and not shy away from switching funds to a more suitable one if they are not appropriate.  The following points are what you should focus on when reviewing…

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Growing your super fund

Your super is often the money you rely upon during your retirement. Therefore, if you feel that you have enough funds for day to day life, you may want to grow your super. There are many ways to do this: …

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Withdrawing from your KiwiSaver

The KiwiSaver scheme allows you to voluntarily save up so that when you retire, you are financially secure. However, situations can arise during which you find yourself needing the support of your KiwiSaver before retirement.  If you find yourself in…

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Kiwisaver for the self-employed

Employees are paid their KiwiSaver contributions through their employers, however self-employed individuals have to do things a little differently. If you are self-employed, you agree to your contribution level with your provider instead of contributing a percentage of your pay.…

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What are your NZ Super obligations?

New Zealanders who are currently receiving NZ Super payments, or are looking to apply need to be aware of the obligations that come with the scheme. It is important to be prepared for and prevent any penalties that may come…

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